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Six Sigma is a process improvement method designed to reduce unwanted variations that cause malfunctions and non-quality. It focuses on identifying the root causes of a problem before looking for solutions and forces to use factual data to validate the hypothesis. Six sigma also uses a project management approach and is going through 5 standardized steps : the definition of the problem, the gathering of factual informations, the analysis of the causes, the search for the solutions and finally the implementation and the verification of the effectiveness of the solution.





Clearly define the project and build a successful working team

  • Project charter
  • Voice of the customer – Voice of the buisness
  • Process mapping
  • Value analysis
  • Qwick wins
  • Risk analysis
  • Team building


Obtain relevant factual data

  • Input, process and output indicators
  • Operational definition of the measures
  • Data collection plan
  • Base performance
  • Use graphs to assess the data
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Design of experiments


Determine the root cause of the problem

  • Data stratification – Pareto graphs
  • Ishikawa diagram  – Fault tree analysis
  • Statistical anaysis – t-Test – Anova – Correlation – SPC
  • Analyse DOE results
  • Root cause analysis
  • Root cause validation


Identify the right solution

  • Generate solutions – Benchmarking – Creativity tools  – Analytical thinking
  • Cost-Benefit-Impact analysis
  • Solution selection process
  • Mapping of the new process
  • FMEA of the new process


Implement the solution and control its effectiveness

  • Run a pilot trial
  • Validate the effectiveness of the solution
  • Implement the final solution
  • Set up a control plan
  • Document
  • Assess replication opportunities

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