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You are looking for a solution to a recurring problem ?

Your delays are too long, your buildings are congested, your yields are too low ?

You are wondering how to build a culture of continuous improvement ?

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Lean Sigma Focus offers you the best methodologies to increase your performance in the areas of quality, security, delay and cost.

Pascal Dapoz – Freelance engineer

Expert in Lean Management, Six Sigma and business transformation




Lean is a management philosophy initially developed by the Japanese automobile industry after the war. It aimed at restoring  the competitivity of companies that needed to reinvent themselves, lacked material resources and faced well-established competion. The focus is set on meeting the needs of the customer, improving the quality of the product, reducing wastes and producing at the rate of the demand. Continuously improved over the years, it has proved its efficiency in the industrial world and has now found its way in administrative processes or service organizations such as hospitals and banks.


Six sigma is a problem solving methodology that focuses on identifying the root cause of a problem before looking for a solution. It results from the integration of the historical tools of quality assurance in a structured project management process. Its 5 steps, commonly referred to as DMAIC, are: problem definition, factual information gathering, root cause analysis, finding solutions and finally implementing solutions and verifying their effectiveness.


The focus concept has gradually emerged from my experience running improvement projects and implementating lean management and six sigma. It results from the need to put people back at the center of the process and to reconcile the 4 following requirements: the definition of targeted projects, the mastery of technical skills, the need for a management system and the appropriation by local teams. As the engine for continuous improvement, it guarantees the assimilation of new knowledge and facilitates behavioural changes.




Lean management tells you what you need to improve and gives you the solutions.

  • It reduces costs
  • It compresses the deadlines
  • It improves work safety
  • It reduces « work in progress » and inventories

Six sigma finds solutions to the most complex problems.

  • It reduces the variations
  • It solves quality issues
  • It increases yields

Focus places people at the center of the process.

  • It allows for the acceptance of change
  • It builds the foundation for a continuous improvement culture

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