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Lean six sigma is the combination of two powerfull improvement methodologies that will drive you toward operational excellence. Lean sigma focus is qualified to help you with the 4 following aspects


The aim here is to define a list of actions and key projects to be carried out. In collaboration with your teams we will go through your processes and analyze the available data. Priorities will be aligned with your goals.
The tools used will be for example :

  • « Quick scan » – Essential questioning
  • « Gemba Walk » – Shop-floor walk through
  • process mapping
  • spendings stratification
  • channeled brainstorming
  • prioritization


I take care of one of your projects from A to Z or I assist you for the realization of a particular phase. We will define together the content of the mission.

  • set up of a continuous improvement process
  • lean, six sigma or focus project management
  • statistical analysis of a data set
  • root cause analysis – safety incident analysis
  • 5S activities
  • facilitation of a creativity excercice
  • any other tools from the toolset


Your teams are trained but they still lack some experience or do not master certain methodological aspects. You would like to help them to deliver results in a more predictable and regular way ?

  • I coach according to project’s needs
  • Throughout the duration of the projects or at critical stages
  • I intervene by giving advice
  • I do « four-handed » work
  • I restate and illustrate theory as well as practice
  • I help managers to assess the skill level of their teams
  • I assist with regular management reviews


Directly useful, each of these trainings details a very specific tool chosen because it is particularly effective and can be used alone.


  • Setting up and using control charts
  • Quickly analyze your data with SPC graphs
  • Clean up and format data in Excel
  • Getting started with Minitab
  • Hypothesis testings – t-test-t and ANOVA with Minitab
  • Analyze the measurement system
  • Interpersonnal styles
  • Facilitate a creativity workshop
  • Identify the cause of a problem with the « IS – IS NOT » method
  • The essential steps of project management
  • Facilitate a 5 S activity
  • Understand and set-up TPM indicators (Total Productive Maintenance)

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