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Managing the transformation process that goes along with lean management and six sigma has become a critical activity on the journey to operational excellence. Some even claim that two-thirds of the projects miss their goal when they neglect the human and organizational components of the change. « Focus » gives you a framework to organize your approach and puts people back at the center of the process.


The objective is to obtain a clear vision of what needs to be achieved and to figure out how the expectations of the hierarchy articulates with the needs of the customer. Once this is established, project management tools take over.


  • Project charter
  • Voice of the business
  • Voice of the customer
  • Analysis of the required resources
  • Planning
  • Constraints
  • Risks
  • Budget


The objective is to identify the tools that will be used and the level of technical competency required from the staff that will take part or be impacted by the project. Then make sure all the needed skills are acquired.


  • Specific lean tools
  • Specific six sigma tools
  • Specific professional skills
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Job description
  • Skills assessment
  • Training & Coaching
  • Green belts and black belts


Any major deployment aimed at a profound transformation of the company culture requires the active participation of managers and the adjustment of supporting systems.


  • Deployment team and champions
  • Project portfolio management
  • Key performance indicators and scorecards
  • Management reviews
  • Full acceptance of their role model duty by managers
  • Gemba walk
  • Integration into existing management systems


 It is essential for the success of an operational excellence project that local teams develop an ownership of the tools, the objectives and the approaches. Time and energy are needed to secure a long term cultural change.


  • The 8-Step Process for leading change
  • Visibility on objectives and ongoing activities
  • Clarity in expectations
  • The study of « ways of seeing » and needs
  • Negotiation with the forces involved
  • Participation in the process
  • Positive reinforcement

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